15 Secrets About Bridgerton

Have you binge-watched Bridgerton yet?

Spoiler alert if you haven’t! For the rest of you who devoured all eight episodes of the Netflix series after its Dec. 25 premiere and are currently contemplating what to do with the rest of your lives, the answer is: Perhaps it’s time for a rewatch. But this time, with an insider’s guide to all the secrets and Easter eggs that you missed in the hit historical romance drama.

Bridgerton is produced by Shonda Rhimes’ production company Shondaland and is based on a book series written by Julia Quinn. The show is set in the early 19th century Regency London and has been celebrated for its diverse cast, intriguing story lines, elaborate sets and costumes, and, oh yeah, lots of hot sex scenes.

And while it is a period drama, Bridgerton incorporates elements from today’s pop culture, weaving in instrumental versions of songs from the likes of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, and also pays tribute to styles made famous by the likes of Beyoncé.

7. Daphne’s Wardrobe Is Huge

“I have 93 dresses,” Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne, told Glamour. “That’s just mad! They’re all made from scratch and hand-embroidered. And there’s six people making just Daphne’s dresses.

8. The Reason Daphne Wears Blue

“Daphne always wore blue, that was her favorite color in the beginning, in her innocence stage,” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick told Buzzfeed. “Her colors changed as she evolved and as she became the Duchess, a married woman with her own ideas. We actually deepened the palette a little bit, made it a little dustier, a bit richer and deeper.”

9. The Sex Scenes Were “Heavily Choreographed”

On Bridgerton, notably in season one’s episode No. 6, Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) get it on in pretty much every room in his house. An intimacy coordinator worked with the pair and other cast members for nude and sex scenes, which showrunner Chris Van Dusen said were choreographed.

“It was all so that the cast would feel comfortable, and we all we really left it in their hands to take the scenes for as far as they wanted to take them,” he told E! News. “Those scenes were heavily choreographed, much like an action sequence, like ‘Your hand goes here, your leg goes there.’ They were all really, really rehearsed.”

Dynevor told E! News. “I feel really proud of those scenes, honestly. We worked really hard at making them feel real. I was very safe. I felt very safe with Regé and an intimacy coordinator. We blocked them out like they were intricate stunts.”

10. About That Controversial Sex Scene…

In one sex scene, Daphne, having realized she had misinterpreted her husband Simon’s comments about fathering children and having recently learned how babies are conceived, takes control of the situation to try to get what she wants. Every aesthetic detail in that controversial moment was planned, and the actress who plays the duchess, Phoebe Dynevor, had a strong say in her character’s portrayal.

“We were very clear that there needed to be a show of power, so it’s Daphne who takes her own hair out of the braids, and it’s Daphne who pushes him away so he can see her,” Lizzy Talbot, Bridgerton’s intimacy coordinator, told Vulture. “Phoebe wanted to remove her hair from the braids herself, because it’s an empowering moment and so much is tied up in women’s hair at that time. That’s a very definitive moment that isn’t necessarily rooted in the sexual act, but it is paving the way for it.”

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