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We Meet The Village Actress Phoebe Dynevor

The fresh-faced looks are familiar, and the name will soon be everywhere. Phoebe Dynevor is following in her famous mother’s footsteps.

It’s easy to spot that Phoebe Dynevor is related to a certain Coronation Street star. The young actress is the image of her mother Sally, with the same sing-song voice and polite but open manner.

“My mum and dad taught me to respect everyone and to be kind,” says Phoebe, acknowledging the family likeness. “I’ve learned that from Mum quite a bit. She’d never say a bad word about anyone or anything – I love that about her.”

We’re meeting on the set of The Village, the BBC1 BAFTA-winning drama that’s about to start its second series, with 19-year-old Phoebe as one of the newest members of the cast. She will be joining such acting luminaries as Maxine Peake, Juliet Stevenson and John Simm.

And for all her composure and confidence, when she starts chatting about her co-stars, you’re reminded that she’s still a teenager.

“I’ve always been in awe of Maxine,” she says. “I think she’s brilliant – and I haven’t met Juliet yet but I love her. I remember watching Bend It Like Beckham and thinking, ‘She’s great!’”

Lest we forget, it wasn’t so long ago that Phoebe was sitting her A levels. Throughout our chat, she constantly claims that she’s not that clever – despite getting a very respectable A and two Bs.

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Interview With Phoebe Dynevor


I went for one audition with the casting director Beverly Keogh and I got the part! When my agent called to tell me I was thrilled and surprised as they hadn’t cast Bert yet. Then I was called to London to read with some actors up for the role. Tom (Varey) definitely had something special.


Phoebe is the station master’s daughter. Her mother died some years back and so she has had to become a mother to her two younger brothers whom she adores. Phoebe is very much in love with Bert Middleton, I think he brings back that childish spark that she lost when her mother died and she had to quickly become an adult. She has a very kind soul and she sees the good in people, she’s a lovely character to play.


It is and it’s amazing. I’ve never played such a big role before so it’s a challenge and I really wanted to do well. Peter Moffat’s writing is so brilliant and honest so I found it really easy to connect with the character (besides sharing the same name).


I was really into History at school and remembered quite a bit from the things we learnt about that period. I did an AS level exam on Churchill and remembered reading up lots about the aftermath of the First World War and its impact on Britain’s economy as well as the political parties of that time. So it seems History did come in handy after all.

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